How I decided to change my life and I did

When I check my past two years, I feel so empty. I feel like those two long years gave me nothing just a pain. I wasn’t happy most of the time, wasn’t inspired, I was not able to gain what I could’ve gained. There was few positive things in my life. I started to go to gym and gained some muscles and I do continue to do this, I graduated and got a tittle Bc.Art from Photography, I’ve met my friend which I haven’t seen for 4 years, festivals and family. But everything else was kind of empty.

At the start of the 2016 I’ve decided to leave London. I have worked hard every single day up till December to achieve my dream. Day before I was gonna fly home, I got an email with my visa to Australia. 🇦🇺 That day was probably the second happiest moment of my London times.

And here I am , deciding whether London gave me something or not. It learned me how to work hard, how to take care of myself, because everything you do, do for yourself. Be selfish – but healthy selfish. It is your life you’re living, not someone else’s. You can always fulfil your dreams.

My dream is to be happy & strong.
I totally can and I will be. How my friends say: “I was born under the lucky star.” Fuck yeah I was 🙂


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