Love talk or shit talk?

Dear Diary !

Honestly I don’t remember when was the last time I had time to write here. I am either working, partying, sleeping or laying at the beach. There was so many stuff happening in those weeks I already forgot which were ok to talk about. Ok so , I turned 25 and I’m not feeling it. Like, I feel smarter and tougher, I don’t try to fight at all. You know, past years I always had stupid fights . Nowadays, I literally walk away and don’t care at all. I am super nice to everybody , if I’m not, then I’m probably not even talking to you. For example I was a super jealous person, because I had a reason. Now …. nothing 😀 there is a great rule in a relationship, trust !second rule : never ever check their social media – never!- because it can be misinterpreted in a different way and yay ! A87A8514.JPGyou have a problem. Third rule: talk! About anything, all days, problems or concerns. Fourth rule: no lies, better tell truth. Like those stupid rules are so common I know, but, let me ask you, who actually uses them all? Hey? Yeah, I knew it, almost no one. I do , for now, and I’ll be doing it as long as possible. To be honest, there’s one thing without which your relationship can’t work. Being even, in love and 100% you wanna be with a person you’re dating. Without those three , idk , only reason is -money-? Can be. The person you’re with should be first of all your best friend. Obvi he needs to be hot as fuck for you. Doesn’t need to be for anyone else. Well, only if you’re not gold digger- then he can be ugly as fuck, no worries 😉! Can you imagine me? At the club, dancing and drinking…. I was on that hunt for free drinks, cuz that shit is expensive as fuck in here. And I met those guys next to us. One, was super funny, he looked like my friend so probably that’s where it started. I was not looking for ANYONE , and this person, just comes to my life and steals my heart. Unexpectedly! You fall in love and you don’t even know how it happened. That’s the best thing ever!



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