What do I find weird about Sydney

Dear Diary !

What do I find weird about Sydney or let’s say, weirdly nice ?!

First of all: people don’t wear shoes . Not even thongs ( flip flops) . Weird right? Like, they go out, shopping for example in Manly and they go bare feet. It’s beautiful kind of weird and strange but I get it. Why tf would you care when you’re in Australia? Almost no one gives a shit about clothes. I stopped. I do wear what is clean. I stopped buying clothes, I prefer to steal them hahah. ( nope, I do not steal clothes from stores) Like don’t get me wrong, I still wanna look hot or cool, but I just don’t care THAT much as in London for example. And , it’s either raining here or you go to the beach so , you wear togs every day lol.( maybe not everyone, I do). It’s like, never forget: togs, sunscreen, water, money and condoms 😂🤙🏼.

A87A8088.JPGSecond weird thing for me : I cannot POSSIBLY BUY WINE or any beverage because stupid bottle-o’s closes at 7-8?! And I work like until 11-12….. my friends too. And who would actually buy 6bottles of beer for what was it, 30 dollars 💵 loool omg Aussie don’t do this to me.

Third weird thing: weird rules / security rules and clubs closes at 1:30 and you can get in, either change to another one. Sad.

Fourth: wifi- it simply doesn’t work. Anywhere. Any network. Nothing.

Fifth: people feel cold when it’s 20 degrees. They say, it’s FREEZING IN HERE. Hey, have you been to Europe lately mate?!

Sixth: this ones kinda cute and hot: when you ask some Aussie something , instead of “what?!” They say “hey?” – meaning: what did you ask, repeat it. OMG always gets me…. Seventh: when it rains, trust me, it rains like crazy. It’s like, you’re literally having a warm shower. It just doesn’t rain, it showers off your clothes. You’re wet as fuck. Water is everywhere, everything is blocked by it. And then you take ferry from quay to manly and you’re writing your last will cuz you don’t know if you gonna survive. I don’t know what else there is.

I am sure there is plenty of stuff, like, sand everywhere all the time, cockroaches , spiders and weird birds attacking you. Even though I think those stuff are weird, I do love everything about it. Except wifi. But hey, I’d rather go to the beach then spend my time on the computer. Yay.

Love Linda


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