What happened in London

I was meant to write you yesterday but I’ve been stuck in hospital. It’s pretty cool to visit one once in a while. Ha there is a fever section, and they asked us if we’ve been bitten by a mosquito or what the fuck because we coming from Europe. Oh totally sweetheart , because Europe now is cold af, every single mosquito saw this disaster and said: -oi mate, fuck this, we going Bali, bye.- But yeah, no problem after all, all good and we headed to the beach next day (today).

Many people asked me, like, wtf happened in London ? Why, WHY did I leave it? Oh my, okay.03.jpg

– RENT : I know it’s expensive everywhere. But 900 POUNDS is EXPENSIVE and you still haven’t payed water/ council tax/ electricity/gas and internet ahah. Yeah I shared a room with my ex for 6 months, have been trapped with people I didn’t like, except some I liked like this Czech girl who I’ll hopefully see this year ❤
– ROOM: your room will smell like shit no matter what you do, it is either old house or rebuild apartment and it’s soaked with history and shit. It’s so unhealthy, oh my god , everything was covered in mould. My lungs are covered in mould from that place.

I personally noticed how I changed over the year. I used to be alone, I used to travel alone and all I did was stuck to my phone, sending my mom pics or just chatting with my friends , listening to music or just playing games. If you Londoner you know this happens. I came home and I was still stuck to my phone. I am learning and noticing what I’m doing and then I just don’t care, I’ll do it later. Good thing is I have no internet atm.

Traveling. Big part. You don’t know how good I am with my maps. They say, girls can’t do maps. I can, easily. It’s my sixth sense.

I got addicted to caffeine, pubs and spending huge amounts of money on clothes. Nope. I drink 2 coffees daily, no pubs and I can’t buy clothes, I only buy swimsuits, so my addiction is over.

TUBES: I went to take a tube. I saw some guy, he looked really weirdly. I felt like, okay Linda this is it. You gonna die, say bye… That even happened to my friends, they were scared to take tubes. We literally have cameras EVERYWHERE and it’s still not safe at all. They fucking take machetes and kill you for fun. WHAT THE FUCK. Or , how to fuck day of a Londoner- kill yourself by falling onto tracks. THANKS mate.

Or like summer time- sixty degrees inside central line, yay sauna. Or, rats. Mouses. Foxes. All ill obviously. 🙄

That feeling you have from people, they are nice, but… They don’t care, they have their own problems, they won’t help you. They tell you, please madam call this and this number for any questions. Or send CV over this application… But mate, I’m here, this is real me, pls take me, I see you need people. Nope,that’s not London policy.

Shopping: super cool , you find everything. But, sales? NOPE. 👎 Have you seen 26.12 ? No? Me either, and I am really happy about it. God bless people who work those days.

I don’t really know, what pissed me off , maybe I was just sick of everything. I wasn’t happy in London. Maybe few days. Those ways when I was biking down the parks and enjoying wind. Or Kensington area. But I know, it was all illusion. I won’t miss London. But I won’t remember bad times either 😜.


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