What the hell I’m doing in Australia?

Dear Diary!
God bless ya! I wish you’re in a different platform which actually automatically saves what I write, as YESTERDAY I did a pretty decent article and it fucking did not save. #fml
But whatever, it wasn’t that funny anyway.
Lol sooo, there is this guy asking me today like, what are you doing in straya? And then another?! And then I get those emails, and messages on facebook… I’m like, that much popularity/ didn’t expect that. But yeah, lemme send some signed images of mine hahahhaha😂👍🏼 #never
Alright, well if ya wanna hear this story, sit down, play some fav music and read! ( it’s not gonna be that dramatic).

The biggest impact was from friend of mine who lived here for few years. We were good pals, we’ve been dating when I was 18. Then, he came to London almost two years ago. It fucked up pretty bad and since that moment, I wanted to apologize to him and my mind got stuck into australia and that THIS IS MY GOAL. Yeah , I had a boyfriend that time and practically , I tried to break up with him for about 5 months, but, it worked right after my bday and he found out about Straya 😂🤙🏼. Well, but, that friend , was so stubborn , he didn’t read any of my messages , for about a year and half, so all my effort for one apology, and he doesn’t even text 😂. My ex thought I was going after him(friend), he was right , few months, then it all changed… you don’t know what real terror is until you HAVE to live with your ex another 6 months in a same room. This terror drove me crazy. I started to buy plane tickets just to fly away, was at home 4 times in two months and cried when I had to go back to that insanely depressing place. I decided I am not fucking going to straya for apology, I’m gonna change my life, study, live, be ALIVE. It was super hard. All that effort, all that support from my family. That all kept me going. Can you imagine, you have NO FRIENDS ?! No actual support for about half year? You are all alone, no one gives a shit about you, no one talks to you in a good way, if they do, you tell them how you feel, and they start to make fun of ya? Or just humiliate you?! How strong can woman be? I know, I can take way too much, I am capable of any stress, and nothing, seriously nothing can stop me fulfill my dreams. Not hate… can you imagine being so lonely in your life? You hopefully never get a chance to experience such a pain !

That is why I moved. That was the real reason . Being able to breathe. Being able to enjoy. Being able to finally love someone with all my heart.

Oh yeah, and that friend. We never met 🙂 he doesn’t want to. But , I know I did all I could, to say sorry. And now, I can finally breathe, I can finally open myself!!! 🤓

And yeah, process of going to straya is easy. You need- money, passion, great and supporting family. If you want help, contact WSIA. I ❤ WSI 😘✌🏼🤙🏼

Thx for reading. Now let me study some english 😜



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